One of a handful of Western martial arts practitioners who has achieved Soke, or Head Founder status, Rod Sacharnoski has led Juko-Kai International since 1961. As a 10th degree Grandmaster, he guides a family-oriented organization with an extensive network of representatives and schools throughout the United States and other countries. Rod Sacharnoski maintains Juko-Kai International as an organization that offers instruction in the Juko-ryu Bujutsu (combat) martial arts. The organiation functions as the International Okinawan Martial Arts Union’s Western headquarters. Rod Sacharnoski served in the United States Marine Corps and United States Army, earning honorable discharge from both branches of the military. With five decades of experience in law enforcement and investigations, he has received numerous awards in his profession and still holds an active police commission. Rod Sacharnoski maintains a full travel schedule that gives him the opportunity to offer martial arts training and demonstrations spanning the globe. An avid reader, he particularly enjoys nonfiction works about diverse aspects of martial arts history.

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